Roy M. Whitman, MD, Trustee and Faculty Member Passed Away October 12, 2016

Cincinnati Psychoanalytic Institute Trustee and Faculty Member Emeritus, Roy M. Whitman, M.D., of Cincinnati, Ohio, passed away on Wednesday, October 12, 2016.

Dr. Whitman contributed his leadership and clinical skills to psychoanalytic and psychiatric communities throughout his professional life. Dr. Whitman was a first-generation member of our institute, and an important contributor and colleague over his many years of involvement here at CPI and at the University of Cincinnati. He served as the Chair of the UC Department of Psychiatry from 1980-1989, and as a Trustee of CPI’s Board since 2007. He will be greatly missed.

You may read more about Dr. Whitman’s vast contributions in this biographic sketch written in 1992 when he served as President of the American College of Psychoanalysts.