Poetry, Science, and Subjectivity – Presentation & Panel Discussion

Poetry, Science, and Subjectivity: Making Sense of a ‘Hybrid’ Psychoanalysis

Friday June 16, 2:00 PM – 5:15 PM in CPI’s Kapp Library

Throughout its history, psychoanalysis has had a complex and ill-defined relationship with science. This ambiguity has allowed for a great deal of freedom in how analysts think about, describe, and discover psychoanalytic knowledge. However, it has also left psychoanalysis open to various criticisms – including questions about the validity and efficacy of psychoanalysis as a treatment. Contemporary scientific trends have emerged as a response to these criticisms but come with their own complications. Do we lose something important and vital about the analytic experience if we restrict it too reductively with scientific constructs? Brett Clarke will present his paper, which explores these topics with an eye to some of the critical philosophical issues they raise for psychoanalysis as a discipline. Adam Leite, Ph.D., Karl Stukenberg,Ph.D., and Mary Landy,M.D. will be the discussants.

Learn more about this thought-provoking, 3.0 CE/CME, event at Poetry, Science, and Subjectivity.