Child & Adolescent Clinical Case Seminar Completed

Child & Adolescent Clinical Case Seminar 6 Sessions

The Faculty of the Cincinnati Psychoanalytic Institute held a six-session Clinical Case Seminar, led by Dr. Edward Kohn, dealing with the process of child and adolescent psychotherapy. The goal of the program was to enhance understanding of in-depth, psychoanalytically-informed approaches to work with children, adolescents, and parents.

Participants had the opportunity to present clinical work. The group looked at the role of the therapist in making interventions that deepen the therapeutic process. The unfolding process facilitates the emergence of the child’s mind. The seminar carefully tried to understand the inner worlds of the children or adolescents who were presented.

About the Presenter: Dr. Edward Kohn is a member of the Clinical Faculty, Department of Psychiatry, University of Cincinnati Medical Center; Faculty member and past Director of the Cincinnati Psychoanalytic Institute; Private Practice – child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy; Supervisor of adult and child therapists including psychiatrists, social workers, counselors, and psychologists from the community; Supervising and Training Analyst (child and adult) for the American Psychoanalytic Association.

Learning Objectives: Participants learned to identify how the patient’s actions, thoughts, and play reveal important aspects of their inner worlds, both conscious and unconscious. This understanding will enable the participants to more effectively choose interventions that will deepen the therapeutic process.

All participants were asked to maintain confidentiality regarding any discussion of clinical material.